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How to Determine What Should be in Your Skin Care Routine Bright Healthcare

irritants. Starting with your cheeks and then work up. Make sure to clean your hands before you apply the moisturizer on your skin. The regular application of moisturizers protects the skin. If you are using it with your hands, it may result in skin bumps. Face Oil

Make sure to include face oil during your daily skincare routine. You can either use the heavy or light face oil. Apply the light oil to your face early and heavy face oil after the application of other products for skincare since it doesn't permit an additional layer of products to be applied on your face. Light facial oils are recommended when you suffer from dry skin. They help repair signs of dehydration and flakiness. These can cause breakouts if you have oily skin


Add more face oils to your skincare routine. This is essential when your skin appears dry. This oil moisturizes and hydrates the face. Apply oilier products to your face following having put on all the layers of your skincare.

The oils must be eliminated by cleansing your face. The presence of heavy facial oils on your face is likely to cause the clogging of your face. People with acne-prone skin are more sensitive to oils that are heavier. To avoid breakouts, be sure to choose the right oil for your face.

Apply sunscreen

In order to protect your skin from sunburn, sunscreen needs to be part of your regular beauty routine. Sunscreen shields your skin from sunburn as well as UV radiation. In the majority of cases, applying sunscreen should be the final step of your morning routine. Sunscreen is recommended by dermatologists and medical experts.

If you spend most time outside put on sunscreen once every 2 hours. Sunscreens can trigger reactions in certain skin types. It may cause a range of reactions unique to people who is allergic to sunscreen. Once sunscreen has been applied to your skin, you can prepare for the following day.