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Why Getting a Dog Is Good for Your Health Pet Magazine

The positive results are being achieved with dogs that have been trained to help senior citizens. A research conducted by a publishing company called Wiley revealed that senior citizens suffering from mental decline and with pets in their lives showed signs of improved cognitive function. A different study conducted by sagepub. com showed seniors suffering from dementia that had pets were less agitated.

One of the reasons for the favorable findings of the case study is that dogs give companionship, affection, and help to those suffering from cognitive impairment. Even though many people believe that keeping dogs is difficult, they can also be a time-saving work.

A dog can make you more social

Dogs can make you more social because people tend to be attracted by the dog and talk to them in the process. Furthermore, dogs is a good ice breaker to have conversations. Based on a study conducted in 2015 published by journals.plos. org approximately 40% of owners of dogs were more comfortable talking with their neighbors as well as making new connections due to their furry companions. It was found that dogs owners had more knowledge of their neighbours than those that didn't have them. Tuft University School of Veterinary Medicine carried out a different study and discovered that people with significant pet connections had a higher probability of being close to their neighbors as well as to each their friends.

A dog makes you naturally Charming

Even though this doesn't have any positive health effects but the fact that your natural attraction to dogs than other people means that your dog can make a difference. It is easier for people to converse with dog owners as they perceive them to be more welcoming. As a result, it is possible to get dating even if you're someone who is an introvert in nature.