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A Guide to Trying Career Paths That Don't Require a 4 Year Degree

There is no requirement for a 4-year college degree in botany for becoming an arborist, but you will need to have prior experience working with trees. An excellent way to begin off your career as an arborist would be to do landscaping. You could, for instance, be a landscaper, pruning tree, or planter.

If you've got some experience in working with trees, you are then able to become certified as an arborist. This profession has numerous benefits which include the possibility for helping to maintain urban forests.

Arborists do not require a formal education that lasts four years for being recognized as certified. However, there are deadly diseases that can infect trees as well as plants. It's critical to know the most effective sanitation methods for keeping our trees healthy.


Are you passionate about your hair? Career options as a stylist might be a good fit for your needs. The job will involve styling the hair of customers, while using your creativity. This may include anything including cutting hair and coloring it to applying perms and extensions! If you're looking for a career path with a focus on beauty, you should consider the profession of a hairstylist!

In order to become a hairstylist you'll need to finish an education in cosmetology. The program can be taken at a vocational or community college. After you have completed your course, you'll require a license in the state you want to work.

When you've finished the training program, you're completely free to start your own business and get clients from peers and family, slowly increasing your customer base. Most hairstylists start off working in salons. However, eventually they begin their own businesses.

Pool Services Contactor

Being an expert in pool construction could be the right choice for you, regardless of your level of expertise when it comes to making pools or managing them. As a pool contractor, you'll have to be accountable for the design and maintenance of pools. It could range from new pool construction to pool renovations.

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